TonTopf - Tonliste der Sendung am 27. Mai 06
mit Waldemar Lorenz, Cyclus 66

Titel Interpret
sto perigiali Georgios Bitzios
Summer Of '69 Bryan Adams
Into My Kitchen Bet Williams (Jazztime 06)
Haunted Heart
Charlie Haden
If I Could Be There
The Girl From Ipanema
Stan Getz
My World Of Music
Paul Kuhn (Jazztime 06)
Ooh La La Bet Williams (Jazztime 06)
dirty curtain boogie Dirty Curtain Bluesband
(Jazztime 06)
Ovation Passport (Jazztime 06)
While You Were Sleeping-The Breathing Method-The Jaunt Paperboys
Going Home; Theme of the Local Hero Mark Knopfler

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